How to get to Madrid

  • Plane
  • The airport that receives commercial flights from Madrid is the `Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport`. It is located twelve kilometers northwest of the capital and is very well-connected to the center of Madrid. The airport has four terminals in operation. In order to offer a more agile service to the passengers, the airport has carried out a redistribution of the airlines in these terminals. Firstly, it is important to know your airline, just for knowing where to bill. You can do it in this link. In case you have any questions with your luggage, you can consult more information on the AENA’s webpage.

  • Train
  • Madrid is the center of a wide railway structure run by the National Network of Spanish Railways (RENFE). This allows access to the capital from all parts of Spain and offers the possibility of moving comfortably throughout the country. Atocha and Chamartín are the two main stations of the city and host medium-distance, long-distance, high-speed and suburban trains. On the other hand, Madrid is connected with international trains to France and Portugal.

  • Bus
  • There are also two stations with the most bus traffic: the Méndez Álvaro station and Avenida de América station. The main companies that make routes to and from Madrid are Alsa, Sociobus, Auto Res and Continental Auto. In addition, there is a wide range of intercity buses that connect the center of Madrid with the rest of the community and the central area of ​​the peninsula.

  • Car
  • In the center of the Puerta del Sol is Kilometer 0, point from which all the roads that connect the capital of Spain with the rest of the peninsula start. A wide network of roads runs through the city, including six modern highways (old national roads):

    • A1. Madrid-Irún. Highway del Norte.
    • A2. Madrid-Barcelona. Highway of Aragón or del Nordeste.
    • A3. Madrid-Valencia. Highway of Valencia or del Este.
    • A4. Madrid-Sevilla. Highway of Andalucía or del Sur
    • A5. Madrid-Badajoz. Highway of Extremadura or del Suroeste.
    • A6. Madrid-A Coruña. Highway of A Coruña or del Noroeste.

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